‘Time saver, easy to use, makes the workload manageable.’

Louise Holt, Deputy Manager, Gwynedd Council, Hafan Pwllheli

‘We have found that HavenStar meets our harbour management requirements perfectly. It is extremely capable and user friendly.’

Andrea Hughes, Harbour Maritime Administration Officer, Conwy Harbour

‘The support we receive from Star’s Marine Division for their HavenStar software is second to none; they always resolve any issues we have in a friendly and speedy manner. They give us better support than any other company we’ve dealt with. Many thanks’

Billy Coysh, Marina Manager, Harbourside Marina

‘The ease of installation and operation combined with a very responsive support and development team has allowed Quay Marinas Ltd to expand their operations to seven marina sites in the past year.’

Paul Rye, Company Secretary, Quay Marinas

‘Easy to use, very user friendly. Generates easily a very good overview of marina movements and reports.’

Sergio, Marina de Portimao, Portugal

‘Marina management the way it needs to be, complete, simple and fast, written by people who know their job.’

Robert Peters, Watersport Vereniging Den Osse, Holland

‘HavenStar has improved considerably from the early days and keeps getting better because of new ideas that get included in the software as updates. HavenStar makes managing our marina easier as our business becomes more complex.’

Louise Holt, Deputy Manager, Gwynedd Council, Hafan Pwllheli

‘The HavenStar system provides accurate and timely information to both marina staff and the Central Management team.’

Paul Rye, Company Secretary, Quay Marinas

‘HavenStar is constantly surprising us. We are continuing to ask more of the system and are pleased to find that it has been designed to cope with so many tasks in the marina. Support has always been first rate.’

Sue Denness - Marina Administrator, Hull Marina

‘I have really noticed a difference in my workload having HavenStar in my life.’

Lynn Kilpatrick, Marina Accounts and Reservations, Clyde Marina

HavenStar specification

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Graphical Marina Overview
HavenStar provides a graphical overview of your marina or boatyard with an overlaid grid dividing the area into small zoom-in sections. The system incorporates all wet and dry marina facilities including berths, moorings, hard-standing, dry stack, shops, flats, parking, etc. When clicked, the zoom-in section will display that area in full screen mode. You can now freely move about and click on any boat moored at your facility. Once a particular boat has been selected it becomes the ‘Operational Boat’ and you are able to do many things with it. For example: raise a visitor payment, amend or create residential contracts, charge for products or services supplied and much more!

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Customer and Boat details
HavenStar’s database holds a myriad of detailed information about a boat and its owner. Some of the information is totally customisable, so you’ll be able to add your own personal touches to your data.

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Products and Services
You also have the ability to enter into HavenStar, all of the products and services you sell at the marina, chandlery or boat yard. You are able to define your own departments e.g. Fuel, Lifts, Pressure Washes, Sundry Items etc. Each department or product can have its own nominal ledger code; one for residents and one for visitors. You are also able to tag a barcode to the product by simply scanning a barcode whilst in its setup page. This is ideal for Chandlery items and SKUs.

For UK marinas: HavenStar can be programmed to deal with split sales of Red Diesel; producing a Fuel Duty Declaration for HM Revenue & Customs along with the sale and accurately calculating any split for leisure and propulsion usage.

For Portuguese marinas:- HavenStar is fully integrated with Latitude 32 and SAFT-PT to ensure compliance with Portuguese regulations.

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Reception Activities
Visitor bookings, arrivals, departures and payments, together with resident berth holders’ movements are quickly, easily and accurately managed. In conjunction with HavenStar’s Graphical overview the Active Matrix displays provide real-time views of the occupied berths, available berths and level of occupancy.

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Boatyard Management
HavenStar’s Resource Manager module assists with the scheduling and efficient administration of expensive plant, such as hoists and cranes as well as labour and other important resources and services. Resource Manager contains a wealth of features such as bookings with a calendar scheduler, note pad for each individual booking/job, automated daily production of bookings/ job sheets with notes and a flexible quotation generator, enabling users to create quotations, reschedule jobs, invoices, print daily worksheets and run reports.

All these features integrate fully into the main HavenStar program and sales ledger. Resource Manager will be complemented, in the near future, with our enhanced Boat Yard Manager software designed from the ground up to help manage a busy boat yard, workshop or service and repair centre.

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Pedestal Integration
Havenstar can be linked with Rolec’s Smartmaster and Berthmaster pedestals and uniquely able to link with AMPY MainsTalk equipped units. The link includes remote meter reading, billing and control of each individual unit’s services. Chargeable amounts are automatically calculated at either month-end or at time of customer’s checking out.

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Microsoft Office Integration
Customer and Boat information held in HavenStar can be merged easily into Microsoft Word; the One Click feature can produce a single letter on demand or the fast and simple batch process allows users to select by specific criteria. Also, HavenStar’s bespoke reports support Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) enabling data to be interfaced with MS Office Products such as Excel to produce highly flexible reports. Finance: HavenStar’s Finance module incorporates full Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger functionality so that a customer’s account status can be readily accessed, tracked, updated and reported on. Statement production and month-end routines are easily processed from intuitive menus and wizards and there is an extensive range of user configurable reports that are standard in HavenStar.

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